My University Projects

Here I am not going to mention all the projects I have done during the University period. Only my interest subjects and the projects that cover different areas is including here.

Research Project
(Final year)
The main concept behind this project was, how to give a hand to reduce environmental issue from an ICT perspective.
In this project more weight goes to handling social responsibilities rather than maintaining a business logic.
In cooperation with Department of Wild life Conservation, Sri Lanka; we maintain a Decision Support System with a sub-system for rapid Information reporting.
Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
(4th year)

With the help of Contiki OS, we have implemented small programs that are able to communicate with sensor devices.

System and Network Administration
(3rd year)
In this project we have configured Apache, SSL, PHP and MySQL in Fedora OS.

Mobile Computing
(4th year)
With the guidance of ICTA, implemented Android mobile applications for Weather forecasting and retrieving Crop prices.
ICTA provides the information as a Web Service and we have to utilize that services in the applications.
Advanced Concepts in Software Design and Development
(4th year)

The final out come of this project was, effectively and efficiently using Design Patterens in Software Desisgning and Development.
UML diagram was also included in the design part.
System Analysis and Design
(2nd year)

Here we have implemented fully web based system by following Waterfall development methodology.
We wrote all the documents like SRS, SDS and drew all the UML diagrams like Class, Activity diagrams

These are some of the projects I have done during my University period. There are some more projects covered different areas like Photoshop, 3D MAX, Video editing, Software Quality Assurance and more. Those projects I have not mentioned here.

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